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EventDay is powerful, feature-rich event management software for every phase of successful event planning, promoting and producing. When you choose EventDay you no longer have to worry about connecting unrelated systems. EventDay gives you one integrated tool for your entire event team.

Before your event.

Choose to use EventDay to manage marketing, registration ticket sales and pre-event activities. Even allow attendees to RSVP for popular sessions and activities.

At your event.

Quickly employ data from pre-event activities to run check-in, badge printing, content management and trade-show management with EventDay's integrated interface

After your event.

Delight attendees, speakers, sponsors and event owners with post event marketing, follow-up, deliverables, lead information and survey data through EventDay's information engine.

EventDay's Most Popular Features

With EventDay's broad list of features, you can quickly ramp-up your World-class event. You get to choose how EventDay can best help you. Our most popular features give event planners and owners the ability to right-size and match how they want their event to run. Use the features you need or blend and integrate EventDay's tools with your existing solutions.

Check In and Welcome Desk

Make an excellent first impression with mobile or traditional check-in and welcome desk features

Fast On Demand Badges

Quickly print attendee badges by ticket or badge type either on-demand or all at once

Mobile App for Organizers

Real-time dashboard to monitor and manage change including registration, schedules and onsite attendee communication

Mobile App for Attendees

Online access to schedules and sessions as well as attendee communication with organizers, speakers, sponsors and evaluations

Event Marketing

Easy communication management including email and SMS as well as simple social media integration

Segmented Communication and Marketing Groups

Direct information to the list or groups of your choosing via SMS, email and social media channels for pre-, onsite, and post-communication

Attendee Registration

Choose simple one-click RSVP email registration, incorporate into online an site or an existing event marketing site

Attendee and Participant Ticketing

Enjoy offering different ticket options, discounts and program tracks for each event

Fast Payments for Tickets and Fees

Connect your event registration fee collection and ticketing to your merchant account

Track and Session Management

Effortlessly setup and manage your event content and production schedule via a simple drag-and-drop interface

Speaker and Presentation Management

Promote speaker and presentation descriptions along with session materials and scheduling

Evaluations and Attendee Survey

Collect and curate instant online feedback as well as offer dynamic evaluation questions as event requirements change

Expanded Evaluation Tools

Get the big picture with roll-up event scoring, and better data with named or anonymous evaluations

Roadshows and Duplicate Events

Save time by setting- up recurring or similar events once and only modifying the individual details that change

Digital Signage

Forget about re-printing signage when sessions move - our digital signage updates as you manage your rooms and session locations dynamically

Instant Reporting

Never worry about being surprised by a session oversell or fire code violations again. See your capacity for your full event, tracks, sessions online, and on demand

Event Sponsor Management

Drive more revenue and sponsor engagement with simple integrated lead generation

Tradeshow Management

Simplify your exhibitor management with attendee badge and exhibitor mobile app data pairing

Exhibitor Value

Drive more value for your exhibitors by offering meaningful tradeshow data features

CRM Integration

Your event spins off important data - connect with your existing CRM system for registration, attendance, follow-up and lead generation